Of all the children of Finwë, he is justly most renowned: for his valour was as a fire and yet as steadfast as the hills of stone; wise he was and skilled in voice and hand; troth and justice he loved and bore good will to all, both Elves and Men, hating Morgoth only; he sought not his own, neither power nor glory, and death was his reward.
[HoME V]



have I already mentioned how much I hate stories where Fingon is kinda adopted in Fëanor’s family, without any concern as to how Fingolfin would feel about it

like, can we not sideline Fingon’s loyalty to his father and family in favor of his relationship with Maedhros

thank you, this has been a post

I feel the same about it. However there’s not many canon evidence to contradict or support this, so I guess author could write however they want.

But personally as House of Fingolfin fan it kinda turn me off when I see it portrayed that way. Especially when Fingolfin portrayed as a super incapable dad, cold and unloving. Worst when not only Fingolfin, but all Fingon’s family treated as terrible unloving family and party pooper who get in between the gay ship. Also the way it portrayed usually, I don’t find it flattering on Fingon side tbh. So yeah, I admit I’m definitely biased when it comes to this :P

There’s canon evidence in that Fingon “loved [Fëanor] little” and in the same episode is unwilling to speak against his father publicly—doesn’t really seem like either supports him preferring to spend all his time with Fëanor. 

I’m really sick of this fanon too, so I will always reblog complaints of it. It’s completely possible to have a m/m ship without resorting to ignoring other relationships or making the family out to be “bad guys,” though the worst is that it’s almost always Fingon who gets stuck with it, not Maedhros :| 


  As a child you listened better. Fingolfin could allow his voice to be the louder, and he made use of that. You are needed, yes, and I hear your council, as my commander, but you will heed my  o r d e r s  as my son and captain both.

  And his son, most of all, he saw swaying with the stress of his wound, and perhaps the efforts of the healers — they knew to do as needs must. The dented pauldron he had laid eyes on only briefly, but long enough, though whether it might even be fixed in time was hardly on the forefront of Fingolfin’s mind. You will go, whether or not it is while still begging I say otherwise.

  You will wait here until all has been made ready for you to depart. Only here was his tone again more level to their surroundings, there was no divide to be made now, to be father OR king, and here especially these two things mingled and made him more stern in his concern than he, perhaps, would be, being a father only. Yet this way or that, his mind was set and as he looked to Fingon that was conveyed in his gaze.

        “As a child I understood less," Fingon countered sharply, and he quivered at the outburst. "Would you trade disobedience to have ignorance instead?" The statement, perhaps, was exactly the confirmation Fingolfin needed that his son was in the wrong, and after a moment Fingon lifted both his hands to press at his temples. 

        His shoulders seemed to deflate with the movement, too, though only one of them could have been tensed while the other remained swathed in bandages. 

        Disobedience  i n   w o r d s  was one thing, but in action he would not betray his father—not unless there were very great things at stake, such as those that had stolen him from Mithrim and towards the jagged peaks of the north, while the flower of Tilion was shrouded in cloud and mist. Maybe that venture still coloured their relations; Fingon did not ask. 

        When he looked up, it was with a new sense of determination, though there was apparent resignation as well. “You would not have me sit idle, though I am wounded,” he guessed. “Tell me what must be done, if it is within my limits—surely there is business I can complete in Eithel Sirion?” 


Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2012-13 collection

—That did degenerate I suppose, and I know exactly who to blame. I managed to finish a serious draft though and it’s queued for tomorrow morning, so I’m going to admit defeat and go to sleep early for once. 

I’ll probably put out a call for mini-starters at some point tomorrow, because a) I have a number of cool new followers who deserve better than butts, and b) I’ve been enjoying shorter icon rps because my longer threads are for the most part quite heavy. 

That said, long threads are my lifeblood and I wouldn’t protest if anyone wanted to plot one. That offer’s open as well. ^^

Anonymous: You chose a good meme, butt it degenerated quickly. Why does the fandom want to ass you smutty questions?

… Go home, I was ready to asswer this seriassly with a bumorous commentary abutt fanbum behaviour. :| 

Anonymous: Not counting Maedhros, which Feanorian has the hottest ass?

     ❝ C u r u f i n w ë——he seats it in front of the forge, where it heats like a cake in an oven. 

Anonymous: ◎ who's got the best butt in your family?

        ❝ My mother does. Have you seen it? ❞

Anonymous: ◎ What is the most adorable thing you can think of?

        ❝ A newborn foal! 

Anonymous: ◎ do you train your butt daily to keep it that nice?

        ❝ I participate in physical training nearly every day, and the muscles of my behind surely benefit from it. 

maire-annatari: ◎ Is it true that your sister distrusted you? Is that why she left Mithrim?

      ❝ I think it was rather that our brother distrusted both of us. He did not trust me to look after her, as he assumed she needed looking after. That is how I read it.