Fingon Fingolfinion ~ Findekáno Astaldo Ñolofinwion ~ Prince of Dor-lómin ~ High King of the Ñoldor in Beleriand

{Independent Tolkien RP; art credit}
Of all the children of Finwe he is justly most renowned: for his valour was as a fire and yet as steadfast as the hills of stone; wise he was and skilled in voice and hand; troth and justice he loved and bore good will to all, both Elves and Men, hating Morgoth only; he sought not his own, neither power nor glory, and death was his reward.
[HoME V]

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Steadfast ire

In retrospect, it was odd that Anairë had not been there to bring him home; she had not been waiting by the door to greet him, she had simply been away. And Fingon had been too tired—was it tired? He could not remember, in truth, what these feelings were like—to question it. He’d taken delight in his father’s presence again, had nearly cried at the cup of hot tea pressed into his hands, could’ve cried at the prick of tears instead of sheer, empty emotion.

The new body was much like the former one, but it was still new. It did not even have all the scars he had come to be familiar with, and he was undecided about whether or not that was a good thing. For the most part he would agree it was good to have the reminders of battle gone, but he’d grown rather fond of a few of them over the years. Even proud, in some cases, as they were a sign of his strength in the face of pain.

Of the emotions that Fingon remembered the feel of, however, apprehension was apparently one, though he knew it should not be something to associate with his own mother as she stood before him now. She was not smiling now, nor rushing forward to envelop her eldest son in a hug, explaining how much she had missed him.

“Ammë?” Fingon swallowed. His hands curled around the edges of his borrowed robes. “I’m home. It’s me.”  


omg argon you’re gonna have an angry naked finno after you now

his advantage is that he’s wearing clothes

the gamble is, will Finno chase him through the crowded parts of Tirion?

and also those really long legs probably come in handy

oh yes he will

and that’s how the Naked Finwëan Dash became a highlight of Tirion’s summer

Elves and PTSD

More specifically, dead elves and PTSD. Let’s have a discussion. 

I think the Halls of Mandos are supposed to heal elves of their emotional scarring; there’s implications of it in canon, though it’s of course not quite that simple.  

I’m not an expert on this subject by any means, but I don’t think putting people in a huge, empty hall to wander as a tortured spirit, watching the world move on without them while they come to terms with their mistakes is the proper way of healing post-traumatic stress disorder. If anything, the act of being in the Halls seems more likely to give someone PTSD. 

But the Valar show that they’re not capable of understanding the subtleties of Elven minds in the Míriel debate; they don’t understand her depression, so how are they going to understand the trauma of the Children who experienced all kinds of extreme hurts, physical and emotional? (What, for example, are they going to do with an elf like Celebrimbor, who has been betrayed, used, and then tortured?) Even if they’re making attempts to help, it’s unlikely that they’d know precisely how to, given their experiences as divine beings who previously made no effort to understand the experiences of a dead elf in question.

Seems to me that we have some problems here. 

(The way I’m writing Fingon, he absolutely has major problems rehabilitating once he’s rehoused, and I haven’t yet found a reading of canon in which the Valar “fix” these fëar that doesn’t make me profoundly uncomfortable. I’m not sure what the solution is, but this is what I’m wondering about as I start another thread in a reborn-verse.) 

A thing that came up that I think I should say: 

It’s regarding IC asks. Great way to interact. I’m a fan. Loads of threads happen through them. They’re always very personal, as opposed to memes. However, I’d much rather that I have already written with you before I receive one, whether it’s through a meme, a short thread in a call for starters, or a plotted thread. Appearing from the heavens with an IC ask when we haven’t really interacted before and I haven’t prompted it with a meme is… I hate to say getting around the rules, but it comes across as very forceful to me. Me being me, I’ll still reply to it, but I’d much prefer that people went through the “conventional” means of getting attention, with OOC asks or IC memes—these are always open to everyone, whether we’re in a mutual follow or not. 

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